Back when Antifa was first becoming known nationwide, we got hot takes from the likes of CNN’s Don Lemon explaining that “Antifa” literally came from the word “antifascist,” so why would we not celebrate them?

We didn’t see much if any coverage on CNN or other mainstream networks of Antifa laying siege to the federal courthouse in Portland, but that would have been a fine time to interview a member of Antifa if you could catch them between throwing fireworks at law enforcement officers and shining green lasers in their eyes.

For some reason, though, Reuters thought this was the week to do a profile on an Antifa activist.

We love that their pull quote is literally, it’s “more than just punching Nazis in the face.” How many literal Nazis has Antifa punched in the face? Or is its definition of “Nazi” a little wider?

Aram Roston reports:

You wouldn’t know it, but [Nicole] Armbruster, 5’5″ and under 130 pounds, is a militant activist in the far-left Antifa movement. She has clashed on the streets with the rightwing Proud Boys extremist group, with the alt-right movement and with police.

Her arrest record – in Washington, DC, Arizona, Virginia, Minnesota and Florida – dates to 2003, for charges of unlawful assembly, failure to disperse, violating the Riot Act and assaulting far-right leaders and a police officer. Most of her prior charges were dismissed by judges or prosecutors; she faces three pending cases.

“We are prepared to put our bodies on the line in the event of police or fascist or racist violence,” she said. “And it’s really, like, a duty to humanity to do that, right?”

Did she ever know that she’s our hero?

It’s just an idea.


It’s a really, really long profile, and almost entirely sympathetic.

“Last year, Armbruster bought a patch of land in Arizona, a lot in the barren desert with no signs or roads leading to it, no house and no water or sewage.” Looks like that degree is really paying off.