Christopher Rufo recently promised that he’d have 10 weeks of whistleblower documents from 10 major U.S. corporations. Up this week is Verizon and its “Race & Social Justice” initiative, which, much like American Express’ own anti-racism initiative teaches employees about the evils of capitalism, encourages the defunding or abolishing of police departments, which are the bread and butter of our two-tier society.

Also mirroring the training at American Express, Verizon had its vice president interview Dr. Khalil Muhammad — great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad — to denounce capitalism as a system of racism.

He says that every time, but the shock value has worn off.

As is always the case in these training sessions, participants were asked to fill out “identity maps” and rank themselves on the ladder of privilege.

Verizon must hire a lot of racists.

“There’s no founding American wealth without the experience of enslaved Africans as the wealth generators for this nation” … “If we told that story, then we’d have an easier way of understanding why business people today have a hard time changing business practices, even when they know that they are exploiting poor people in low-income communities.”

The two-tier society also includes public education.

That’s how critical race theory works: you just swap out the oppressed based on class and separate by race instead.