A lot of people were retweeting a segment of Fox News video posted by Lis Power of Media Matters giving the suggestion that host Dana Perino thought the FDA approval process for the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine was rushed. Mediaite wrote it up as “deceptively edited” and that Perino was bringing into the conversation “critics” who felt the process was rushed (which would have been all of Team Biden in 2020).

Mediaite notes that Molly Jong-Fast retweeted it and in turn was retweeted by White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates.

Cleanup in Aise MM:

We thought the Washington Post had only one media guy (Eric Wemple) but it looks like they have more; Jeremy Barr says calling the clip “deceptively edited” is a bit of a stretch:

Didn’t the fact that someone from Media Matters posted it send up a flag?

“The concern at hand is what Perino said” … which was deceptively edited to make it sound like she thought the approval process was rushed. So what, really, is the concern? Even the White House undid its retweet.