The Hill is getting dragged for its headline here and for good reason. Two daughters of a vaccinated man in an assisted living facility in Florida are urging other people to get the vaccine, claiming that COVID-19 was transmitted to him from an unvaccinated person. They’re not only angry about that; they believe placing him in a home in Florida was his death sentence and he’d be alive in any other state.

Christian Spencer reports for The Hill:

Clark Allen died on July 22 after contracting a breakthrough case of COVID-19, a “one-in-a-million” chance, according to the man’s doctor.

The surviving daughters of Clark Allen, Danielle and Nicole Allen-Gentile, expressed their anger in an obituary about how their father could have been infected and said his death was preventable, The Washington Post reported.

“He was infected by someone who chose to not get vaccinated and his death was preventable,” the obituary reads. “It is the wish of his family that everyone get vaccinated in order to prevent further death, sickness and heartbreak.”

The daughters also told The Washington Post that if their father were in a different state, they believe he wouldn’t have died.

We’re sorry for their loss and can understand why they’re angry, but there’s no indication given of how their father contracted the virus.

They don’t mention his age, but they do mention this:

It’s a news story because of the anger expressed in the obituary.

It sounds like the kind of “anti-vax” headline that Twitter would normally censor.

“If he was in Connecticut or Oregon, he’d most likely still be alive,” Danielle Allen said.

DeSantis. That’s why this is a news story.