We’ve barely seen President Joe Biden ever since Afghanistan was taken over by the Taliban, and sighting of Vice President Kamala Harris are even rarer — she could be seen on screen in that photo the White House released of Biden at Camp David to prove that he was monitoring the situation. And we did hear from sources earlier this week that Harris yelled, “They will not pin this sh*t on me!” We’d been told, though, that Harris was the last person in the room when Biden decided to start the withdrawal and said she had a “key role” in the decision-making process.

The Democrats are pretty anxious for any diversion from Afghanistan, and on Thursday, they posted a video celebrating the one-year anniversary of Harris’ nomination to be Biden’s vice president.

It’s her anniversary!

Zero delegates.

The Democrats must have wanted a ratio because there’s no other reason they would have posted this with her missing in action during the worst week of the Biden administration so far.