As Twitchy reported earlier, Sky News reported that some Afghan mothers were throwing their babies over the razor wire at Kabul airport in the hopes that they’d be reduced by soldiers on the other side. We did see video of a baby being passed to the front of the line:

Omar Haidari posted this video of a baby being handed over the razor wire to U.S. troops, who took the child. So the stories are true.


And now we’re learning that Air Force C-17s are leaving the ground nearly half-empty — a far cry from the flights a few days ago where 640 people were packed inside just one flight.

President Biden said there was no comparison and we wouldn’t see people being airlifted off of the roof of the embassy … there is no comparison; this is worse.

We’ve been assured that things at the airport are getting better, not worse, and that everyone who wants out will be let out, safely under the guardianship of the Taliban.