We all saw the disaster of an interview George Stephanopoulos did with President Biden Wednesday, in which Biden seemed angry and interrupted when Stephanopoulos brought up that video of Afghans falling from C-17 transport planes, saying that was four, that was five days ago (it was two). Everything’s working smoothly now, except for all the chaos which is inevitable with any troop withdrawal.

CBS News’ Mark Knoller is your go-to guy when it comes to numbers, and by his count, Biden is lagging way behind his old boss when it comes to sitting for interviews. President Trump had done plenty by this time in his administration, but Biden has done only nine.

Biden’s defenders, as always, have been arguing that Biden’s been busy cleaning up the mess left by the former guy, and besides, Jen Psaki gives daily press briefings.

For all the people saying this is just a sign that Biden is busy, what does that say about Obama?

Glenn Kessler notes Biden hasn’t sat for a print interview:

We’ve also learned from Biden fans that interviews with Fox News don’t count.