Twitchy announced a cringe alert Monday after posting one of the Biden administration’s videos featuring a TikTok influencer trying to influence young people to get vaccinated. People keep telling us the people resisting getting the vaccine the most are conservatives, but a confidential email obtained by Benny Johnson shows that the White House is trying to reach the crucial 12-25 demographic. That makes sense, because the video we posted yesterday certainly wasn’t targeted toward conservatives.

Here’s Libs of Tik Tok with more videos, featuring influencers like Jacob Sartorius.

Here’s Matt and Abby:

Fauci assures us all that the vaccine doesn’t affect fertility and is safe for breastfeeding mothers, because so many studies have been done, right? Science.

That kind of talk will get you put in Twitter time-out.

It’s Obama 2.0, with Barack Obama talking with that YouTube star with the green lipstick eating cereal out of a tub filled with milk. Except Biden’s not sharp enough to do the videos himself, so they get Fauci, who’s down with the kids.