As Twitchy reported last week, a blue-checked British journalist named Flora Gill deleted her tweet saying “someone needs to create porn for children” because she was “absolutely not getting swept up into another Twitter cesspool.” She didn’t seem to understand why people were still sharing screenshots of her deleted tweet. “They need entry-level porn!” she exclaimed.

The reaction was not what she thought it would be, but now the BBC’s “Woman’s Hour” has picked up on the topic, asking listeners to email their opinions on whether there should be “age-appropriate porn” as has been suggested.

Who’s going to make these porn films teaching about consent and what’s respectful? Will there be a teens-only site that hosts the videos? Will schools use them in sex education classes? And what’s to say they won’t act as a gateway to other porn?

They’ve gone Teen Vogue.

It was suggested by one person and was immediately shot down. Why try to revive it?