As Twitchy reported back in June, people were getting seizures from looking at the latest iteration of the Pride flag, which went from a simple rainbow to the progressive Pride flag, which included pink and blue triangles to represent transgender people as well as black and brown stripes to represent LGBTQ people of color. The new flag added a purple circle on a yellow background to better represent intersex people.

We hadn’t realized it at the time, but we’d missed another iteration of the Pride flag entirely. This one drops the purple circle but adds a red umbrella to represent sex workers who are victims of abuse and violence.

This was from back in March, so we weren’t the only ones who missed it; the people who designed the intersex-inclusive flag missed it too. The designer says he collaborated on the flag along with HIV activist Shamal Waraich “to be more accurate for skin tones of more POC/BAME.” We’ll confess here; we don’t know what BAME stands for.

Now we see it!

We’re not sure if either the intersex flag or the sex worker flag ever caught on — doesn’t sound very inclusive.