As Twitchy reported earlier, Axios published the favorability ratings of 2024 Republican “frontrunners,” with Donald Trump being conspicuously absent from the list that also included Rep. Liz Cheney (at -43 net favorability). It’ll be a miracle if Cheney keeps her seat in Congress, let alone runs for president.

Not on the list: Mike Pence. Over at The Hill, Keith Naughton asked a provocative question: Will Pence primary Trump — and win?

Naughton writes:

… Pence has found his voice. He is reentering the public sphere branding himself as a principled conservative. While Pence has not criticized or “broken” with Trump, he has not cowered pathetically, begging for a return to the fold (like Nikki Haley).

I have written that Pence has no chance at the GOP nomination in 2024, and I think that still applies to a crowded field without Trump. The combination of multiple acceptable options and the adamant opposition of Trump would likely be fatal to a Pence campaign.

But a one-on-one Pence-Trump fight is a different matter entirely.

It’s not, really.

Naughton concludes: “And if Trump insists on running in spite of sinking polling numbers, the clamor for an alternative may be just too great. In that case, the only real possibility is Mike Pence.”

That is great satire.