A few people have said they’ve archived this tweet to have once it’s deleted or Twitter takes it down, but it went up Saturday evening and is still up Tuesday afternoon. Is it OK because it skirts the rules and doesn’t identify the person? We can’t tell from the bio how Rocco Castoro got his blue check (he was apparently editor-in-chief of VICE for a bit), but this certainly seems like the sort of thing that would interest Twitter Safety; we mean, if you can get suspended for calling someone a “pansy,” this ought to count for something.

President Biden believes the Proud Boys are real and a distinct threat; it’s Antifa that’s “just an idea.”

We don’t know if that’s him or the guy he doxxed.

“Perfectly placed wording.”

Twitter apparently is cool with it, seeing as how many people have reported the tweet to @Twitter, @Twitter Safety, and @Jack. Good to know what the standards are.