We see plenty of photographs on our Twitter feed of people who were at or near the Capitol Building on January 6, but to assist with prosecution efforts, the Justice Department is contracting Deloitte Financial Advisory Services to create a database of videos, photographs, documents, and social media posts at a price tag of $6.1 million.

Brianna Kraemer reports:

The massive database of gathered evidence will be created by technology contractor Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, which is reportedly “a litigation support vendor with extensive experience providing complex litigation technology services.”

In a court filing Thursday, prosecutors said they are organizing thousands of hours of body-worn camera footage, closed-circuit surveillance camera footage, over a million social media videos, data from phones and email accounts, and the responses to over 6,000 grand jury subpoenas, Politico reports.

“The compensation to Deloitte could grow up to $26 million,” Politico reports. The Justice Department sure can spring into action when it wants to.

Isn’t this something the FBI could handle in-house?