Before we get to Joy Reid, who seems to unwittingly admit that Democrats pushing critical race theory are heading into a woodchipper next election, we thought we’d share this guide put together to tell teachers what to say when they can’t say things like critical race theory or white supremacy. We don’t know for sure where it comes from, but the Twitter handles @antiracistartteachers and @teachingartistpodcast are watermarked.

If you can’t say critical race theory, say, “examining history/current laws in relation to race.” If you can’t say white supremacy, say, “the belief that the ‘Dominant Culture’ is superior.”

Anyway, conservatives must be over the target because Reid is still going on about critical race theory and “radicalized parent activists” targeting poor school boards.

The fact that so many left-leaning outlets, including MSNBC, NBC, Vanity Fair, Slate, etc., have all decided to fight for critical race theory seems awfully reflexive — do they really believe in it or are they just being contrarian?