As Twitchy reported, it was June 28 when Fox News host Tucker Carlson said on his show that a government whistleblower told his team that the NSA was spying on his team’s communications. A couple of days later, the NSA issued a statement saying that Carlson was not the target of any NSA investigation. There was some wiggle room there, though; just because Carlson wasn’t a “target” didn’t mean that his team’s communications weren’t being swept up in another investigation.

Now Axios is reporting that Carlson’s claims about NSA spying followed his team talking to Kremlin intermediaries trying to score an interview with Vladimir Putin. U.S. officials learned of this outreach … “but that’s where details get cloudy.”

That’s what people were reading between the lines in the NSA’s statement.

So Axios is reporting what it can confirm so far, but the details are cloudy. We don’t see Carlson backing away from this one.

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Jonah Golberg is getting dunked on all over again for his tweet on the matter: