We’ve already done one Keith Olbermann post today, but the guy is full of hot takes. Donald Trump issued a statement asking who killed Ashli Babbitt, but he’s not alone; her family would also like the name of the police officer who killed her.

By his Twitter feed, Olbermann seems to be a fan of LeBron James, and we didn’t see him complain when James posted a photo of the heroic peace officer who shot knife-wielding Ma’Khia Bryant and tweeted, “YOU’RE NEXT.” Why would James post a photo of the cop unless he was encouraging his Twitter followers to kill him, right?

A lot of lefties on the “defund the police” bandwagon take great joy in Ashli Babbitt’s shooting death at the Capitol, with anarchists ironically carrying signs saying she should have complied with the cops, and Olbermann says unmasking the heroic peace officer who killed her “is essentially attempted murder, by proxy.”

We do know who it is; the acting House sergeant-at-arms let the name slip in a hearing this week, but C-SPAN altered his testimony in the transcript to leave the name out.

If this were a Black Lives Matter case the cop’s name would be revealed within hours and spread thanks to people like James … but that’s not “attempted murder, by proxy.”