The thing about anti-critical race theory warrior Christopher Rufo is that he brings the receipts in the form of PowerPoint slides and classroom assignments that are sent to him. One thing that seems to be becoming more popular, even in elementary schools, is having students will out an “identity matrix” and then calculate their power and privilege; eight-year-olds were then separated into oppressors and oppressed.

FAIR, the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism, reports that the Southeastern Legal Foundation is filing suit against the Evanston School District in Illinois for racial segregation and other practices.

That graphic shows someone with the devil’s tail and an extended hand offering a “contract binding you to whiteness,” which brings you stolen land, stolen riches, and special favors.

We wouldn’t believe it if we hadn’t read about this sort of thing going on in school districts across the country. (And just as an aside, you know who really gets it? Asian Americans, who are considered “white-adjacent” because they thrive in a society built on white supremacy. One of the first things the Biden Justice Department did was drop a lawsuit against Yale for discriminating against Asian Americans in admissions.)

Yes, part of the Black Lives Matter manifesto was (is) the “disruption” of the nuclear family.

And liberal journalists are up in arms over parents “storming” school board meetings and demanding that this be kept out of their schools. This is what they’re pushing for.