Wendy Davis just doesn’t quit, despite the voters of Texas sending her a strong message. You might remember last October in Dallas when the Joe Biden campaign bus found itself escorted out of Dallas by maybe one hundred cars flying Trump flags. The cars followed the bus onto the highway and, according to many liberals, tried to run the bus off of the road in a terrorist act.

We’ve seen videos and let’s just say we’ll agree to disagree about them trying to run the bus off the road.

Anyway, the Texas Tribune is reporting that former gubernatorial candidate Davis, who was on the bus, and others are filing suit against Trump supporters and law enforcement, whom they claimed did nothing.

What’s most interesting is that Davis and the other plaintiffs are citing the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, which “prevents groups from joining together to obstruct free and fair federal elections by intimidating and injuring voters, or denying them the ability to engage in political speech.” As we mentioned above, a second lawsuit targets law enforcement, which declined to escort the bus out of town. The FBI has already looked into the incident.

Rep. Chip Roy weighed in on the lawsuit Monday:

But they tried to run the bus off the road — something even the lawsuit doesn’t allege:

Can one “recklessly assault” a bus? Guess we’ll find out.