We don’t normally do posts on Twitter randos unless their takes are too hot to ignore. Proponents of critical race theory and anti-racism really just want one thing: for white people to be aware of their “whiteness” and what that means in a society that was built on white supremacist roots — and then dismantle that society. That’s why researchers have done studies to define whiteness and why the government sends executives to three-day reeducation camps to deconstruct white culture.

All we know about Caitlin Johnstone is what she tells us, and that’s that she writes about “the end of illusions.”

Narrator: It’s about the guilt. With guilt, people have something to capitalize upon. It’s a tool they can leverage to get what they want.

And some threads are meant to be ratioed.

This is how a white woman can charge other white women to learn about “undoing whiteness” through yoga.

But just imagine how much better you feel when you accept all of that guilt.