The United States just this week had a misgendering crisis as the ACLU had to get involved when a transgender Uber Eats driver was being “deadnamed” on the app. Now we’re learning from UNILAD that the United Kingdom could be headed for a misgendering crisis as a survey showed that 61 percent of Brits don’t ask about pronouns.

UNILAD reports:

Pronouns are often attributed to a person at birth, when newborns can be labelled ‘he/him’ or ‘she/her’ depending on their biological sex. Despite a wealth of progress on the matter, many people still have a habit of assuming a person’s gender and pronouns.

To highlight these issues, Instagram partnered with Mermaids, one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, to conduct a study of 2,000 UK adults and find out how many people are open and accepting to acknowledging a person’s pronouns.

Of the 2,000 participants, 61% said they never ask someone their pronouns when meeting for the first time, paving the way for misgendering in the future. In comparison, just 6% said they ask each new person they meet what their pronouns are.

When asked to explain why they do not ask what a person’s pronouns are, 45% of respondents said they simply did not feel the need to ask, while 22% presumed a person’s pronouns based on physical or sex-based characteristics.

That 61 percent figure seems low.

At least in the USA we have the ACLU to tackle problems like this one head-on.