Attorney General Merrick Garland has testified more than once that white supremacists pose the greatest domestic terror threat, but an arrest in Atlanta is drawing attention to a black nationalist paramilitary organization. Othal Toreyane Resheen Wallace, 29, is accused of shooting a Daytona Beach, Florida police officer in the head, and he was found and arrested hiding in a treehouse on land in Atlanta belonging to NFAC — the Not F**king Around Coalition, a group ABC News says “is known to demonstrate against white supremacy and police violence.” Wikipedia says it advocates for black liberation and separatism.

We don’t have a photo of the treehouse, but reports say it was fortified with weapons and ammunition. It looks like Wallace knew where to go to hide out.

Daytona Beach officer Jason Raynor, 26, was shot while approaching Wallace in his vehicle. He survived the gunshot and remains hospitalized.

It’s pretty amazing how many don’t seem to care one bit about the police officer who was shot in the head and can only reply to DeSantis with photos of the Capitol riot, photos of the condominium that collapsed (as if that were his fault) or insinuations that the governor is fine with white nationalist groups. They really don’t like this story being reported.