After President Joe Biden laid out his plan Thursday to curb gun violence and possibly nuke American citizens, New York Times editorial board member Mara Gay was asked her thoughts on MSNBC. Not surprisingly, she’s a fan of the federal government tackling the problem of gun violence, seeing as those big blue cities with the most shootings can’t stem the flow of guns from areas with more lax gun control laws.

It was good of her, though, to admit that there is a spike in gun violence, particular in large, Democrat-run cities, and experts attribute that to a large number of things, including trauma, grief, homelessness, “and just general upheaval that the United States has gone through.” Is general upheaval her way of referring to a whole summer of rioting? Probably not.

You know, just general upheaval.

Good point.

How does she suggest the federal government address trauma, disruption, and grief, if those are the underlying issues?