We’re sorry we missed this yesterday, but it’s big news: the Sunrise Movement finished the last mile of its 40-day, 400-mile climate march from New Orleans to Houston, with the finish line being Sen. Ted Cruz’s front lawn. We didn’t even know the group was marching, so congratulations, we guess.

So they stand on Cruz’s front lawn to demand that President Joe Biden stop negotiations with Republicans and pass Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s civilian climate corps plan? Why didn’t they march from New Orleans to Delaware and wake up old Sleepy Joe in person?

Their signs say that Cruz abandoned them during the Texas freeze, but how many are actually from Texas, we wonder.

Eight people arrested? You’ve got to pump those numbers up! Those are rookie numbers, Sunrise Movement!

A shower would get them to disperse pretty quickly.

It’s guaranteed Biden will never hear about their climate march, let alone act on it.