Apologies for one more post about Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, but after the partisan grilling he gave to Brett Kavanaugh, we’re loving every minute of it. As Twitchy reported, it was the New York Times’ Ken Vogel who reported that Whitehouse had been members for decades of an all-white private beach club. “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island,” Whitehouse told GoLocalProv.com.

As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post is doing its part reporting on the story while noting it’s happening “amid questions about whether it is all-white.” Gotta get that fact-checker on it.

Now that the story has blown up, Vogel has an update for us from Whitehouse’s office, which says that the club has had and does have members of color.

So why did he say the club was “still working on” integration and regretting that it “hasn’t happened yet?” And what was that line about tradition?

Huh. Hadn’t he promised to quit the club during his successful Senate campaign in 2006?

We’d agree with the above; there’s a big difference between not having any members of color and prohibiting members of color. Still, as the Post reported, the questions come “amid questions about whether it is all-white,” not whether it’s whites-only. The media seem to have set the rules here.

Glenn Kessler’s probably on the phone trying to track down a black member for a fact-check interview.

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This from Fox News’s Chad Pergram seems to confirm that the club does have black members; Whitehouse just doesn’t know any of them. And he won’t have a membership there, but his family members will?