Communists are gathering at the Hyatt Regency in Denver, Colorado this weekend to protest the Western Conservative Summit, “a semi-annual far-right gathering and blight on Denver” presented by the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. “Every rally and conference presents an opportunity for fascists to network and coordinate and we know from history what happens when they achieve such coordination,” reads the Facebook invitation. “We must fight fascism now or we are doomed to fight a stronger version of it in the future!”

Organizers of the protest include Denver Communists, Front Range Mutual Aid Network, WITCH Denver, Front Range Community Defense Collective, Anon Resistance Movements, Anti-Repression Colorado, and the Denver Action Network, and they’re calling it the Western BLM-Antifa Summit — although we’ve been assured by the president that Antifa is just an idea.

Andy Ngo has one of the flyers being passed out by Denver Communists:

“The far-right should never be allowed to spread their racist, misogynist, nationalist, and genocidal ideas without being vigorously opposed,” it reads, and there was some vigorous opposition outside the Hyatt.

Here’s the Washington Examiner’s Emily Brooks:

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert had a three-word message for the protesters:

Here’s Tiana Lowe:

Here’s Elijah Schaeffer of The Blaze:

Remember when Antifa carried a “We Don’t Want Biden … We Want Revenge” banner on Inauguration Day? Denver Communists aren’t very thrilled with “Jim Crow Joe” Biden and the Democrats, “who are the right’s partners in crime, not their opponents.”