As we mentioned quite a bit this week, NBC News’s Brandy Zadrozny, who had previously called critical race theory “the new antifa” and opposition to it a “boogeyman political tactic,” published her report on the fight against critical race theory in schools and how it was driven by “longtime ultra-conservative activists.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes picked up on the story and had Zadrozny on to talk about “the Right’s fixation with race,” Fox News’ obsession with critical race theory, and the “moral panic machine” that had been ginned up, leading parents to file “onerous” Freedom of Information Act requests with local school boards.

That’s right: “The Right’s Fixation With Race.”

Haven’t you heard? Mobs of concerned parents are “storming” school board meetings now, i.e., attending them.

We’ve been assured that this is an astroturf campaign funded by dark money.

One group even tried to get Drag Queen Story Time out of the schools.