Jason Rantz is a radio host in Seattle, and he’s got a story to tell about a Seattle official and his views toward police.

The department was the Seattle Department of Finance and Administrative Services, and the sender of the all-staff email was Daniel Holmberg, a senior management systems analyst. Rantz writes:

Holmberg is a member of the Change Team, a group of elected staffers tasked with helping the department reach its equity and anti-racist goals. FAS staff committed itself to a “daily call for us to embed race and equity into everything we do in our department.” To that end, they regularly share thoughts and resources that a department spokesperson says are meant “to stay engaged in hard conversations around race.”

“When the arbiters of justice serve the false gods of white supremacy, they are not worthy of the power they wield,” Holmberg writes. “If police protection and restraint extend only to white people, they are no longer guardians; they are mercenaries and zealots, paid in the wages of white privilege, inflicting their wicked commandments upon us.”

Holmberg then ties cops to the Jan. 6 riot, which Holmberg says resulted from an unnamed “organized domestic white power terrorist cell (or cells).”

The wokescold repeated the long-retracted claim that rioters “bludgeoned a police officer.” He chides the unstaffed Capitol Police for not using tear gas against the rioters while cops quickly use force against people of color who “protest their own extermination.”

Sounds like Holmberg takes his position on the Change Team very seriously.

Remember when Seattle’s mayor let a bunch of extremists take over a few city blocks, including a police station, and make it into a police-free zone called CHOP? It was going great until she had to shut it down after, what, three people were shot and killed there over a couple of weeks.

Bonus: Here’s Rantz with Harris Faulkner.