Twitchy reported back in February that model Gisele Bundchen was leaving the IMG modeling agency after 22 years, but IMG didn’t have to worry, as it had signed Kamala Harris’s step-daughter Ella Emhoff right after the inauguration, leaving the agency with “fresh blood.”

As Twitchy reported this week, Vogue, which found time for a shoot with Stormy Daniels but not Melania Trump, was back at the White House after a “four-year hiatus” to do a glamor photo shoot with White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. It seems Vogue is firing on all cylinders with the new administration in place; Vogue Runway hired Emhoff to show that the mullet is back. We’re leaving out the exclamation point.

Jancee Dunn reports:

This maintenance-free promise only added to the mullet’s budding popularity during last spring’s lockdowns, when ersatz stylists had to rely on their own ingenuity—and everything from kitchen shears to craft scissors—while nonessential businesses remained closed. You can count second daughter Ella Emhoff among them. While stuck at home in Brooklyn, the model sculpted her own curls into a helmet-like mullet snipped high and tight above her ears. “I feel like in the past, the mullet was deemed unattractive and kind of odd, and I’m really drawn to that almost ugly-chic look,” says Emhoff, who showed off the idiosyncratic style in her runway debut for Proenza Schouler in February. The internet-breaking moment kicked off a truncated fall fashion schedule during which few shows were mullet-free.

She said it, not us: she’s “really drawn to the almost ugly-chic look.”

Ella Emhoff is a model and the mullet is back. And Joe Biden is the most popular president in history.