It’s on video — are we the only ones who remember multiple Democrats objecting to the certification of Donald Trump’s 2016 electoral victory? But Republicans who sounded objections to the certification of Joe Biden’s electoral votes are being branded as insurrectionists and traitors; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez literally tweeted that Sen. Ted Cruz almost had her murdered on January 6 by doing so.

Leftists are already sounding the alarm on 2024, setting up a “nightmare scenario” in which Trump steals the 2024 election from Biden with the help of a GOP-led Congress and a conservative-leaning Supreme Court. Here’s Vox senior correspondent Ian Millhiser wondering if this will lead to secession:

Yes, they do. And not just because that’s not going to happen. Besides, Biden will step aside and the extremely popular Kamala Harris will win by a landslide in 2024 against Ron DeSantis.

Millhiser’s not the only one imagining that scenario. The Washington Post’s Max Boot is also up nights thinking about it:

“A nightmare scenario is becoming more likely: A GOP-led Congress overriding the 2024 election results.” Oh, and it’s a Republican plot to steal the election. These two seem fairly certain that Republicans are going to take over Congress in 2022.

A lot of Millhiser’s followers — who probably all support gun control if not confiscation — say it’s Civil War if that happens.

The crazy thing is that these two actually get paid to write this crap and people take it seriously.