As Twitchy reported earlier, the media were quite thrilled by President Biden’s answer to their query of what kind of ice cream he ordered. When Biden replied, “chocolate chocolate chip,” reporters vocally expressed their approval. We best like the way Mollie Hemingway’s friend described it:

How appropriate is it then, that journalism’s heartbreaking video of the day isn’t the press cooing over the president’s choice of ice cream, but rather the dismantling of the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

We knew it was the beginning of the end when the Newseum gift shop started (and then stopped) selling “Fake News” T-shirts, and when journalism professor Jeff Jarvis saw a MAGA hat in there, he knew it was time to “take down the whole damned store” until the museum pulled back and considered why it exists.

Now it doesn’t.

We haven’t been this moved since was saw Seattle’s mayor bulldoze CHOP.

The Washington Post had reported in 2018 when they were considering closing the Newseum:

In 2016, the museum operated at a substantial loss, spending $8.2 million more than the $55.7 million in revenue it generated, according to previously unreported tax documents. That was more than triple the shortfall from the previous year. The museum has posted an annual deficit every year since it opened in its current location, tax records show.

And tickets were $25 per person?

Ben Jacobs’ glasses that had gotten Gianforte’d?

It’s a damn shame, but after the “Fake News” T-shirt debacle, the whole place had to come down.