It’s easy to be distracted by CNN’s Chris Cuomo working into his coverage of the Wuhan lab leak theory — which “suddenly” became viable after being dismissed as a debunked right-wing conspiracy theory by just about everybody in the media — that “Trumpers” are using the occasion to say, “I told you so.” They did tell you so and you dismissed them as wackos for a year, so yeah.

NewsBusters’ Nicholas Fondacaro caught Cuomo’s coverage of the lab leak theory Wednesday night, during which Cuomo said it was a “newer notion.”

Check out this clip of a quarantined and very excited Cuomo breaking the news about COVID-19 possibly being man-made and escaping from a lab:

Breaking news! Sources say the U.S. is pursuing the theory that the coronavirus started in a Chinese lab, not a market!

Drew Holden did one of his awesome threads the other day showing the about-face the media had done on the lab leak theory:

“Despite evidence from infectious disease experts suggesting otherwise, nearly 30% of Americans in a new Pew poll said they believe the novel coronavirus was likely created in a lab,” CNN reported on April 13, 2020, two days before Cuomo’s big scoop. “A total of 23% of adults polled said they believe the virus was created intentionally. This is almost certainly not true, according to the genetic detectives studying the virus’s origins.”

But what about Cuomo’s big scoop?


So who was it who took Cuomo aside and told him to stop promoting that debunked conspiracy theory last year?