We really haven’t heard much about the border lately, aside from the occasional observation that no one from the Biden-Harris administration seems to be in any hurry to visit the border. It wasn’t so long ago that we were running stories on migrant detainment facilities, formerly known as “cages,” being packed beyond capacity despite warnings from the CDC not to fill them beyond 50 percent so as not to spread the coronavirus.

We also haven’t seen Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put on her best whites and break down in tears at the “concentration camps” on the border.

The New York Times seems to have noticed, and in a rare act of journalism, is reporting that Democrats are “voicing worries privately” now that President Biden is in office.

“With the issue bedeviling President Biden, they are voicing worries privately.”


We’ve heard of them being housed with sponsors, in convention centers, in hotels, on buses, on military bases, in detention facilities … just put ’em wherever you can find room.

We’re frankly amazed that the New York Times even suggested that Democrats were “once-outraged,” implying they’re not anymore — which they aren’t.