President Biden’s approval numbers seem awfully high considering inflation, gas prices, the border crisis, and so much more, but it seems that his vice president doesn’t enjoy the same sort of support that he does. National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke, who just did a brutal takedown of Florida COVID-19 “fabulist” Rebekah Jones, is back with another must-read piece, this one about the Democratic Party’s “Kamala Harris problem.”

It seems miraculous that someone who flamed out so badly in the Democratic primaries is now a 78-year-old’s heartbeat away from being president, but Biden made it clear he was going to pick a woman, and most likely a woman of color, which narrowed the field substantially. So here she is:

Even independents don’t like her. As Cooke writes, “She is focused on staying out of the way so that Joe Biden’s non-threatening uncle act doesn’t disintegrate in the face of its abundant contradictions.”

Still, that Harris is unpopular should come as no great surprise, given that she somehow manages to combine into a single package a transparent insincerity, an unvarnished authoritarianism, and a tendency toward precisely the sort of self-satisfied progressivism that helped the Republicans to limit their losses at the last general election. If her apologists wish to, they can pretend that the reaction Harris yields is “gendered” or “systemic” or “inequitable” or whatever other bastardized academic term is fashionable this week, and they should feel free to knock themselves out doing so. Deep down, though, they must know that America isn’t the problem here. The problem is that Harris is a phony.

“There is a reason that, having been picked as Biden’s running mate, Harris was quickly shoved offstage,” he adds.

A lot of us are still expecting that, and it’s hard to believe we prefer Biden.

She’s been tracking down the cause of the border surge and decided it’s a combination of climate change and the LGBT community fleeing violence in Guatemala.