The CDC has said you no longer need to wear a mask if you’ve been vaccinated, and President Biden even tweeted what sounded like an ultimatum: “get vaccinated or wear a mask until you do.” Notice the word “or” in that tweet. Nevertheless, while Biden was outside taking a test drive in Michigan Tuesday, he fumbled around putting on his mask while talking to Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi makes the rules for the House, and apparently her mask mandate is still in effect, despite the CDC’s guidance. Rep. Thomas Massie said he’d be going maskless Tuesday and risking a $500 fine.

Only 10? That’s pretty disappointing. But good for Massie for making the effort:

Wow, people in the replies are really triggered that Massie thinks he doesn’t have to follow the rules at his job. The New York Times gave the heads up yesterday; a lot of vaccinated people are going to wear a mask (or two masks and a pair of goggles) for maybe the next five years, maybe forever. They’re like Rachel Maddow, having to “rewire” her brain not to see maskless people as a threat.

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Here are the leaders of the mask rebellion: