As Twitchy reported this weekend, the partisan social media trolls of the Lincoln Project (who do things like call Sen. Ted Cruz “fat Wolverine” and post screenshots of private text messages) are launching a new project called the Franklin Project, focused on unity and civility. It’s funny that an organization so toxic would have to launch an entirely separate offshoot to promote civility, but there you are.

A day later, Axios scooped us by reporting on the Franklin Project. The real scoop was Axios’s claim that “the Lincoln Project was a breakout star of the 2020 campaign,” despite there being no evidence it swayed any election by ripping off other people’s memes.

They can’t make it clear enough: the Franklin Project is “a nonprofit and legally distinct from its predecessor.” Its aim is “to unify people opposed to partisan dysfunction and authoritarianism through civics education and grassroots organizing.”

Civics education?

How many minutes from launch until the nonpartisan Franklin Project shows its true colors?