As Twitchy reported earlier, PBS’s Yamiche Alcindor, while not wearing a mask, asked Jen Psaki about a statement by the National Nurses Union condemning the CDC’s new relaxed mask guidance, saying it was “unjust” and would “disproportionately harm Black, Indigenous, and people of color.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has led the nation on mask guidance (initially telling Americans not to wear them), told graduates of Emory University Sunday that the COVID-19 pandemic had “shown a bright light on our own society’s failings” after the virus disproportionally killed people of color. Figures show that for every 100,000 people, 114 white people have died; that’s compared to 127 African Americans, 118 Hispanics, and 139 Native Americans. What about Asians? No one ever includes Asians.

The Daily Mail reports:

Speaking by webcast from Washington, Fauci told the graduates in Atlanta that many members of minority groups work in essential jobs where they might be exposed to the coronavirus.

He also said they are more likely to become infected if exposed because of medical conditions such as hypertension, chronic lung disease, diabetes or obesity.

“Now, very few of these comorbidities have racial determinants,” Fauci said.

“Almost all relate to the social determinants of health dating back to disadvantageous conditions that some people of color find themselves in from birth regarding the availability of an adequate diet, access to health care and the undeniable effects of racism in our society.”

Are we back to talking about “food deserts” and such?

If this is true, what did he do about it? He was on TV every single day. What was his plan?