Over the weekend, the National Nurses Union issued a statement condemning the CDC for the new relaxed mask guidance. NNU’s press release specifically cites unfairness to BIPOC as a complaint:

At today’s White House press briefing, PBS journalist Yamiche Alcindor asked Press Secretary Jen Psaki about it:

To be fair — at least in the above clip — Alcindor herself didn’t explicitly urge Psaki or the White House to reverse or push back against CDC guidance; she was merely asking for the White House’s take on NNU’s statement.

And it was a very stupid statement, we should note. Alcindor was also making a pretty silly statement in her own right:

Of course she wasn’t.

Maybe Yamiche Alcindor just isn’t taking NNU’s concerns seriously.

That’s probably not the case, but if it were, she’d be absolutely right, by the way.