According to several news outlets, Palestinian suicide drones aimed at Israel are modeled after those used by Iran, so we knew it wouldn’t be long before Iran’s biggest fanboy, Ben Rhodes, stepped up to the plate to defend Hamas. He was responding to fellow Obama administration alumnus Tommy Vietor on that strike by Israel on a building housing the offices of the AP and Al Jazeera … and Hamas.

Rhodes is worried about the degradation of Hamas? Liberals on Twitter often like to say of Republican policies, “The cruelty is the point,” and Rhodes has adopted that to the situation in the Middle East — the collective punishment of all people in Gaza is the point. That doesn’t really square with Israel targeting Hamas and giving plenty of notice so that the building could be evacuated.

So, what does hitting that building achieve?

That was quite a ratio on that tweet; Rhodes doesn’t have many friends backing him up on this one, especially seeing as his old boss was the master of drone strikes.