The Wall Street Journal editorial board has an opinion piece today about Rep. Liz Cheney titled, “In Donald Trump’s Purgatory,” and it includes a really great line:

As for Ms. Cheney, she seems intent on continuing her debate with Mr. Trump. Fair enough. Someone in the GOP needs to tell GOP voters the truth about 2020. But if she becomes the pet rock of the Lincoln Project and Washington Post, she’ll quickly lose whatever influence she has in the GOP. She’s most credible as a champion of traditional GOP conservatism against Trumpist isolationism and big government. That’s also her best chance to keep her House seat in Wyoming.

The pet rock of the Lincoln Project? That’s brilliant. Mona Charen, policy editor for The Bulwark, thought the ugly line soiled an otherwise good piece.


How long will the media’s love affair with Cheney last? A week?