All of those overcrowded migrant facilities with cage-like features holding unaccompanied minors are emptied out now, right? At least that’s what you’d assume, since the mainstream media has stopped covering it. NBC News, however, surprised us with a story of migrant children trapped on parked buses overnight while waiting to be transported to sponsors.

NBC News reports:

In at least one case described to NBC News, a family says their 15-year-old son waited on buses from Saturday to Wednesday before beginning the long journey from Dallas to Seattle.

The boy, Joel, came from Honduras to reunite with his mother, Doris, and uncle Elvin in Washington, all of whom asked that only their first names be used.

An NBC News crew on location in the parking lot Tuesday night counted nine buses total, with some coming and going. The crew said they observed kids on the buses Tuesday night and kids on the buses on Wednesday morning when the crew returned.

It is unclear how many children have remained on the buses as long as Joel. Doris and Elvin said Joel told them Tuesday “muchos niños,” many children, were staying on the buses for consecutive days and nights.

Doris and Elvin were then told by HHS to expect Joel on Friday. He has spent more than 42 days in HHS care.

So … kids in even smaller cages?

More than 42 days in HHS care, i.e, cages? Do you know how many liberal heads would have exploded if that happened under Trump?