Teen Vogue likes to do primers for its readership, such as explaining the tenets of Marxism and the proper technique for anal sex. So with the Middle East once again on fire, Teen Vogue is explaining the conflict between Israel and Hamas in terms its readers can understand: it’s very much a mirror of the way American law enforcement enacts violence on unarmed black and brown people. We do give credit to Teen Vogue for including the word “unarmed,” seeing as some of the most recent high-profile Black Lives Matter cases involved knives and a Taser (despite what CNN’s Jake Tapper repeatedly reported).

Israel treats violent insurgents as violent insurgents, much as the police almost always treat criminals as criminals.

We will never, ever get tired of that GIF.

Teen Vogue never ceases to amaze. We do wonder what direction the magazine might have taken had they not canceled their new editor over her old tweets.


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