We’d say you’ve seen Stacey Abrams in the media quite a bit lately, but she’s always in the media — it’s just the reason is slightly different this time. Abrams has penned several steamy romance novels under a pseudonym, but right now she’s on a press tour to promote her new political thriller, which will be published under her real name. Even more thrilling, Working Title Television, part of NBCUniversal International Studios, has won the bidding war to adapt Abrams’ novel, “While Justice Sleeps,” for TV. (The book just came out yesterday.)

So President Trump questions the result of an election and is banned from every social media platform there is; Abrams questions the result of an election and has her novel optioned. Remember how staffers at Penguin literally cried because they were publishing Jordan Peterson’s new book? Abrams’ novel has already won a Nobel Prize for literature.

We saw a tweet this week that Hillary Clinton has a novel coming out that she “co-wrote” with another author.