We really do like the United Kingdom, but they always manage to come up with something to remind us why we fought a war to be independent. The New York Times is reporting that the British government may officially approve of hugging and kissing starting next week.

The Daily Mail reports:

Single Britons have been unable to meet for up for sex with overnight stays and indoor socialising banned since December.

But Boris Johnson tonight confirmed a raft of changes to lockdown laws from May 17.

People from two different households in England will be able to meet indoors from Monday.

Social distancing rules for those who know each other will also be relaxed to allow people to kiss and hug – meaning casual sex is back on.

Couples who live apart and are not in support bubbles will also be allowed to meet up indoors for the first time since January.

Another real headline:

We need to hear from Dr. Fauci before we touch another human without a hazmat suit.