Remember back during the “Summer of Love” when the founders of Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone set up barriers around several city blocks and taped up signs reading, “You are now leaving the USA”? They lasted longer than they should have, but maybe Black Hammer will have fewer murders and a better organic garden.

Black is celebrating a victory this week as it’s reached $64,774 of its $500,000 GoFundMe goal — enough to purchase 200 acres of land in so-called “Colorado, USA” on which to build its colonizer-free city.

They still need money, though, to build earthbag homes (each costing around $5000), permaculture systems, and waste management systems.

Imagine if this were a white militia group.

Here’s CHOP:

“This garden is for black and indigenous folks and their plant allies.”

Will they open up trade routes with colonizers for the supplies to build their city?