As Twitchy reported Saturday, the Washington Post ran a major retraction on its story that the FBI had issued warnings to OAN and Rudy Giuliani that they were being targeted by a Russian disinformation campaign ahead of the November election. The New York Times made a stealth edit but was shamed into adding an editor’s note after Glenn Greenwald called them out. (If you want to read a great thread about how corporate media got the story wrong, check out our earlier post on Greenwald.)

On Monday night, the Washington Post’s media reporter did a piece on how the Washington Post (and the New York Times and NBC News) all got the story wrong.

Then … stop relying on other publications’ anonymous intel sources for stories?

So CNN picked up on the story, but instead of correcting it, they’re pointing to their story about the Washington Post’s correction. Cool.

CNN’s media guy, Brian Stelter, didn’t seem to have much to add:

And they “confirmed” it … how?