As you’ve probably noticed, the “challenge” at the border, which President Biden slipped up one day and called a crisis, has disappeared from the headlines, pushed aside first by the Derek Chauvin verdict and then by the shooting death of Ma’Khia Bryant. What would be news is if Vice President Kamala Harris actually traveled to the border, but that’s not on the schedule; instead she’s on the phone with the president of Guatemala learning that persecution of the LGBTQ community there is a “root cause” of the mass migration to the U.S. border.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin has written a column entitled, “Hey, whatever happened to the border crisis?” Don’t get too excited, though. She’s not calling out the Biden-Harris administration for ignoring the problem; she’s blaming the media for not covering the great job that the Biden-Harris administration has done handling it.

“The Biden administration is addressing the problem, even if the media is largely ignoring it.” She writes:

A few weeks ago, all Republicans — and in turn, the White House press corps — could talk about was the border crisis. As thousands of migrant children arrived at our southern border after fleeing life-threatening conditions in the Northern Triangle countries of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, Republicans claimed that President Biden — even though he repeatedly warned migrants not to come to the United States — was the reason for people sending their kids to travel thousands of miles under dangerous conditions.

It’s true that Biden told migrants, “Don’t come over” in an interview on ABC News, but that was after the situation had spiraled out of control and well after he’d said in the primary debates that migrants should “immediately surge to the border” upon his election.

Rubin’s also right that the media is ignoring the story — it took Project Veritas to sneak out photos of kids packed in cages. So, yeah, what did happen to the border crisis?

WaPo’s “conservative blogger” is upset that all Republicans — and that darned White House press corps — could talk about was the border crisis when there’s so much good news to share thanks to Biden.