Here’s more video from beautiful downtown Portland, and we have to admit our favorite part is when the far-left activist, who certainly considers the police fascists, says to a cop, “Yes, I would love to,” when he asks her to get out of the street and back on the sidewalk for her own safety. Boy, did she comply with that suggestion willingly and with the utmost respect for the police.

We don’t know anything about the guy in body armor with the bat other than that he was arrested for menacing and disorderly conduct, and that he was apparently the only attendee of a “Patriots Strike Back” protest.

We wonder seriously sometimes: Is there any place left in America for normal people who just want to go about and do normal things?

Language warning:

They tried that; it was called CHAZ, then CHOP, and then the mayor finally had it bulldozed after too many people ended up being killed there.

Yeah, some say the guy was throwing a Nazi salute to passing cars, but shouldn’t he be free to do that? Who threatened whom? And if white supremacy is the biggest domestic terror threat, how did this rally only attract one guy?