As Twitchy reported April 14, it was announced that no charges would be filed against the unnamed Capitol Police officer who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt during the January 6 storming of the Capitol. As Sharyl Attkisson asked a couple of weeks earlier, why was the name of the officer being kept secret? As someone explained, the United States Capitol Police is “a black box compared to most federal law enforcement” and not subject to FOIA requests.

So we’re very curious to find out what happens when Babbitt’s family files its lawsuit against the Capitol Police and the officer who shot her.

The New York Post reports:

Capitol rioter Ashli Babbitt’s family plans to sue the US Capitol Police and the yet-to-be-named officer who fatally shot her during the riot on Jan. 6, according to an attorney representing the family.

Babbitt, draped in then-President Donald Trump’s campaign flag, was shot as she tried to climb through a smashed-out window into the House of Representatives Speaker’s Lobby.

The officer who killed Babbitt has never been publicly identified and was not charged with a crime after a Justice Department review, but attorney Terry Roberts told Zenger News he knows their name, Newsweek reported.

“What it looks like is this guy shot this lady for no legitimate law enforcement purpose. And you know, they ought to be pretty ashamed of that,” Roberts said.

We’re curious if this suit ever gets off the ground considering the lengths Capitol Police have gone to protect the officer’s identity. Babbitt should not have been where she was, but was there cause to shoot and kill her?

There’s not a lot of sympathy in the comments.

Tell that same thing to the police officer who shot [insert Black Lives Matter name here]. Whatever happened to, “Just fire a shot into the air?” or “Can’t police just use tasers?”

Just repeat that previous paragraph here.

She was also unarmed. No, we’re not defending her actions; it’s just when someone like CNN’s Jake Tapper repeatedly reports on-air that Jacob Blake was unarmed, it’s important to note these things.

What’s weird is progressives claim that Capitol Police were sympathetic to the protesters and opened the gates to let them into the Capitol, but they’re also praising the police for shooting Babbitt and potentially saving the life of some member of Congress.

We imagine this suit will disappear.