We haven’t heard that the FBI is getting involved in this one yet, but police in Windsor, Connecticut have made several trips to an Amazon construction site after a noose was found hanging from a support beam. Subsequent trips turned up a rope that “was NOT a noose” and five ropes that could be “interpreted” as nooses.

Here’s a shot of the noose:

“Interpreted nooses” — like the clothesline Jussie Smollett still had around his neck when police arrived at his apartment.

The general contractor “conducted an anti-discrimination/discrimination awareness training session with all employees on site.”

If it sounds like we’re not taking this seriously, we’re just jaded over the Bubba Wallace incident, which pulled in fifteen FBI special agents to conduct interviews to determine it was a pull tie that had been there before Wallace even moved into the garage.

We would like the police to hold a press conference and show us these other suspicious ropes.