An attorney for the family of Ma’Khia Bryant called a press conference Wednesday and called for not only a Justice Department investigation into her shooting death but also a federal investigation of Ohio’s foster care system, beginning in Franklin County.

Last week in the Washington Post, columnist David Von Drehle said foster care might provide a clue as to why Bryant tried to stab another girl.

Von Drehle writes:

Of Ma’Khia, we have this shard that feels important, though we don’t know exactly how or where it fits. She was in foster care. Relatives describe her as an affectionate and loving person with hopes of being restored to her mother’s custody. Even so, any path to foster care is traumatic.

And while we don’t know the specific needs of this particular child, we know that in 2018, in Franklin County, where Columbus is the seat, nearly 14,000 reports of children in crisis were received. Of those, some 6,000 involved reported physical abuse, more than 2,700 involved neglect, 1,349 involved reported sexual abuse and 1,500 involved multiple offenses. The numbers were rising, according to social workers, as a result of the epidemic of opioid addiction among parents.

Not to be heartless, but we’ve been told to look at Bryant’s TikTok videos for evidence of the kind of child she was and how joyful and full of life she was.

Here’s a local TV journalist:

Here’s Zerlina Maxwell:

Her mother certainly has been around and vocal since the shooting.

Is it wrong to ask who all of those people at the press conference are? Are they all family members?

OK, here are the GIFs you’ve been waiting for:

According to The Hill, “Her family did not detail Bryant’s time in foster care but said details of her experience in the foster system would be released soon.”